About UBL

United Billiard Leagues, LLC “UBL” is a Pool & Billiard League with a unique Handicap System. The Founders are famous Billiard Champions, Hall of Fame Inductee Mike Sigel and Peter Margo World Billiard Champion and Hall of Fame Inductee. UBL has the largest nationwide amateur billiard league grand prize of $100,000 dollars. The Handicap System was invented and designed for any pool player or non-player of ANY skill level can compete!

UBL’s Hall of Famers

Peter Margo

A World Champion, hall of famer, winner of 20 major tournaments and runner-up in 20 other major tournaments. Peter Margo had a long successful pool career. Margo has a high run of 330 balls in the 1978 World Series of Pool and several other high runs of over 300 balls. Margo is a winner of NBC Sports Tough Shot Competitions and CBS Sports Spectacular in 1978.

LoreeJon Hasson

LoreeJon Hasson turned pro at the age of 11, and at the age of 15, she won her first world championship. LoreeJon Hasson, the youngest world champion (male or female) in billiards was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. LoreeJon has held numerous titles in women’s professional pocket billiards. Holding over 50 major titles, her list includes 8 world titles, 3 National Championships, 3 US Open championships, and a 5-time Player of the Year. Her career also earned her the induction into the BCA, and the Women’s Professional Billiard Association Hall of Fames.

Mike Sigel

Also known as “Captain Hook” and voted “The Greatest Living Pool Player of the Twentieth Century.” Mike Sigel is the winningest player of all time with 107 professional titles and 10 world titles. Sigel was the Youngest Male member inducted into the Billiards Hall of Fame. Also, Sigel was the technical advisor to the academy award-winning movie, Color of Money. Sigel made both players look and play like professionals.

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