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UBL Handicap System

Handicap System Rules Are Subject To Change:  From time to time, UBL may decide to make changes or adjustments to the current rules.  Such changes will be posted both on the website and the UBL app.​

How the handicap works    

The idea behind the handicap system is to have all players consistently run tables like pros do. The only way to do this is to have players move the cue ball by hand and set up easy shots during their inning at the table. The less skilled you are the more times you can do this per game. The better skilled you are the fewer times you can do this per game. This makes the game fair for above or below average players and gives all players a chance to run the table.


Each team has 5 players. Each player plays 1 match a race to 4 games. (4 out of 7 like the world series in baseball)

Total 5 matches per night. The score of each match does not matter, only who wins or loses each match.

Points are awarded to teams as follows:

  •   5  match wins per team = 7.75 points
  •   4 match wins per team = 6.25 points
  •   3 match wins per team = 5.25 points
  •   2 match wins per team = 4.25 points
  •   1 match win per team  =  3.25 points
  •   0 match wins per team = 2.25 points

We modify the point system for the first 6 weeks so strong teams don’t have an advantage.

We take the top 20% of all teams playing in the league to go to the qualifying rounds where teams win big money three times a year 16 weeks long. Then all the qualifying teams playoff for the end of the year event for the largest prize money. So the idea would be to win as many matches as possible to get the most points per team to qualify.


However the more a player on each team wins matches the more their handicap goes down. Making it tougher to win matches. On the other hand, the more a player loses matches their handicap goes up, making it easier to win matches. (When handicap goes up they get more ball in hands per game. When their handicap goes down they get less ball in hands per game)

  The United Billiard Leagues has the best handicap system that can’t be manipulated and is giving away the biggest prize money. The system is set up so everyone has a fair chance to win.

Player Information

  1. Players must be at least 18 years old and must be a league member to play in the league. Some venues require participants to be 21.
  2. Players in the United States and other countries must be legal residents of their respective countries.
  3. Regardless of a player/team’s location, a player/team will compete with all-league players/teams throughout the United States and their countries.
  4. Fees:
    1. There is a $25/year membership fee to be a league member.
    2. There is a $12/week fee per match ($60/team) (Some areas are higher) to play in the weekly team matches.
    3. These fees allow the members to play in the three-yearly 16-week sessions, the finals (if their team qualifies) and allows them to compete for each session’s prize money and the finals’ prize money.
    4. Weekly fees are due at the end of each match.
    5. If the team weekly fees are not paid at the end of the session, teams will NOT be eligible for session playoff and/or payouts.
    6. It is the captain’s responsibility to collect and pay for weekly dues. However, everyone has the ability to pay from their account, on their device. Payments are due on the day of play. Although your score may reflect them, point(s) will not accrue until payment is made.
    7. .3 points may be deducted for every late payment.

Team Information

Table & Game Fees (“Green fees”): Teams should split all fees equally (if any).

  1. Teams consist of any five league members with a roster of up to Seven.  For players to play in a session, they must be signed up as a league member and on a team roster before the session grace period ends (first two weeks of each session).
  2. NO professional players (see Definitions section) can compete in UBL events or league play teams.
  3. Each team must have one Team Captain
    1. Team Captains are responsible for payment of their player’s weekly fees regardless of how many players show up.
    2. Team captains are responsible for the accuracy of their team’s score inputted into the UBL app.
    3. All Team Captains will keep a score sheet each week via the UBL app and sign both their own team’s score sheet and the opposing team’s score sheet.
    4. Team scores will be available for public viewing on the UBL app.
  4. Each Team Captain is responsible for payment of their teams’ player’s weekly fees regardless of how many players show up.
  5. If a team falls to less than five players during a session they can replace the player(s) as follows:
    1. For the first two weeks of play, there is no penalty for adding someone to your roster.  During that time the incoming new players starts as a 3 ball in hand. After that an incoming player will receive the following BIH:
      1. Week 3 – 2 Ball in Hand
      2. Week 4 – 2 Ball in Hand
      3. Week 5 – 1 Ball in Hand
      4. Week 6-8 – 0 Ball in Hand
      5. No players can be added after week 8
    2. If you wish to add an existing UBL player after the two weeks they will come in as their existing handicap or the handicap assigned by the chart above, whichever is lower.
    3. A player must still play a minimum of 8 weeks with that team to qualify for playoffs.
    4. New Players joining after week 2 must be added by emailing or calling UBL. 


There are three sessions during the year. Teams start each of the three sessions at zero points. Session points do not carry over from one session to another. If a player has played in a previous session your adjusted handicap will carry over to the new session.

Qualified teams must maintain current status in good standing with no outstanding dues or fees and continuing to play in all sessions up until qualifying events.

Each team plays against another team once per week during each session.

Each week, teams accumulate points based on the number of player matches they win.

The teams with the most points at the end of each session will playoff to qualify for the end of the year playoff to go to the finals. Money is paid out at the end of the session to the top qualifying teams.

At the end of the year, teams who qualify in at least one of the three sessions will playoff to go to the finals for the main event. If a team qualifies in two of the sessions they have two chances to shoot a good score. If a team qualifies in all three sessions they have three chances to shoot a good score. (see playoff rules)

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